Next Generation Industrial Automation Solutions

  • Lower Operating costs and Deliver of Quality
  • Real-Time reporting and performance analysis
  • Maintain Flexibility & Competitiveness
  • Increase Productivity and Run efficient operations
  • Grow your business faster

About Us

ChetasLabs Private Limited automates and integrates core business processes to help you focus on your growth.

Recognised as the pioneer in Industrial Automation solutions delivering next generation machines, complete assembly lines, integrations and services to sense, control and monitor your workflow.

Employing the Industry 4.0 principles, we bring together smart IoT technologies, Artificial Intelligence and state of the art sensors, motion controllers and actuators to enable connected automation solutions for your industry. Realize higher profits, and gain the competitive edge through low-cost automations that will make your processes safer, secure and more reliable.

  • Gain Faster ROI and improve your business performance

  • Unleash growth, reduce operating costs, and eliminate inefficiencies

  • Focus on key, revenue-generating decisions, rather than worry about your production line

Create a more agile enterprise that can adapt quickly while increasing the potential for automation.

Why Us

Lower Operating Cost

Robots and Industrial automation solutions can effectively reduce the cost of labor, increase savings in energy and reduce wastage.

Faster ROI

Decrease cycle times and cost per piece while improving quality.

Deliver on Quality - Zero Defects

Less variation, greater control and reliability results in better quality with zero defects. Industrial motion control systems are more precise than human workers and less prone to errors during production.

Maintain Flexibility & Competitiveness

Adjust to demand fluctuations through mixed-flow approaches. Reduced changeover times allows for easy switching between a range of products without having to re-build production lines.

Increase Productivity

Run your plant 24/7, 365 days a year, without breaks or holidays and do more in less time. Optimize Production Processes to make the manufacturing JIT-friendly while working at a constant speed unattended.

Enhance Safety

Working in extreme temperatures and in hazardous conditions can be difficult especially while performing repetitive tasks. Lifting heavy objects, poor air quality and back-breaking labor can be tedious and unsafe for human workers. Robots and other industrial automation solutions can help make the production line safer.

Process Intelligence & Analytics

Access visual analytics from all of your products. Real-Time reports allow you to make actionable process specific decisions.

Optimize floor-space utilization

Our solutions are designed to fit in confined spaces thereby saving valuable floor space.


Achieve Zero-defect outflow to your customer

100% Camera based inspection of components and assemblies

  • High speed inspection upto 600 PPM
  • Repeatable and high precision measurements at ± 10 μm
  • Automatic reporting and SPC of data
  • Detect multiple defects from all sides
  • Camera count from 1 to 6 depending on component
  • Glass Disc, Metal Disc or Conveyor sorters available
Sorting Machine

Automatic Part Loading / Unloading

Repetitive tasks such as part transfer can be easily automated using Industrial robots.

  • 6 axis Industrial Robots with payload from 3Kg to 50Kg
  • 24/7 Working without rest or breaks
  • Increased production 30% ~ 50%+
  • Flexible grippers to hold parts of all shapes and sizes
  • Loading and Unloading in CNC Lathes or Milling Machines
  • Safety Interlocking in Work Cell
  • Fast return on investment ~ 1 to 3 years

Multi-Spindle Smart Automatic Tapping Machine for Hex Nuts

Pneumatic based auto-feeding and clamping with defect detection technology.

  • Hex Nut size from M3-M30
  • Ideal for thin hex, polygon, or taper nuts with through-hole
  • Auto-stop technology when bore is taper or blocked
  • Increase 30%~40% tap life due to lower wear
  • Production capacity of 40 Thousand ~ 1 Lakh pieces / 8 hour shift
  • AC Servo Driven resulting in high energy savings
  • Reduce footprint by combining multi-spindles in one machine
  • Machine design on freefall inertia principle
  • Suitable for all materials including Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass and Alloys

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